Frequently Asked Questions

Deposits & Withdrawals

How do I add Robux to my account?

Log in and click on the wallet icon in the top right; you can deposit Robux using our various methods.

What is the process for depositing Robux?

When you deposit Robux, it's sent to users withdrawing Robux; this peer-to-peer system connects your deposit with someone's withdrawal.

I deposited Robux but my account doesn't show it, why?

Deposits need a matching withdrawal to process; you can always go back to the withdrawal panel to see how much has been processed. If you're having issues, please contact us through Live Chat.

How quickly are withdrawals processed?

Withdrawals are processed through a peer-to-peer system. Your Robux is paid out by users making deposits, and this continues until your withdrawal is complete. If your withdrawal takes long; please be patient. There's nothing that we can do to speed up your withdrawal process.

My cryptocurrency deposit hasn’t shown up. What should I do?

Cryptocurrency payments can take up to 30 minutes. If there's a delay, please reach out via Live Chat.

When I deposit Robux, am I able to instantly withdraw?

After depositing, you'll need to play with the entire amount in order to make it withdrawable balance. The same applies to being tipped, or claiming giveaways.

Giveaways & Tips

How can I join giveaways?

Look for giveaway announcements above the chat; click 'Claim' and complete a captcha to join the giveaway.

How do I create a giveaway?

In the chat, type ".giveaway [amount of Robux] [number of entries]" to start a public giveaway.

How do I tip Robux to others?

Use ".tip [Roblox user ID] [amount of Robux]" in the chat. You can also tip people by clicking on their Roblox avatar. Remember, tipped Robux needs to be fully wagered before it's unlocked for withdrawing.

Safety & Security

Why do you need my account information for deposits and withdrawals?

Our bot requires your account details to manage transactions, like depositing or withdrawing Robux. We ensure your password is not stored on our servers for your security.

What information of mine is logged?

For details on the information we log, please refer to our Privacy & Policy at https://bloxempire.com/privacy. This page lists all the information we track for our services.

Reporting Bugs & Exploits

I found a bug or exploit; how do I report it?

Please report any bugs or security issues in our official Discord server by opening a ticket.

Will I get rewards for any bugs reported?

Depending on how critical the bug found is, we will either reward you with on-site balance or USD.

Other Questions

How do I find a Roblox user ID?

Visit the Roblox profile. The user ID is the number in the URL between '/users/' and '/profile/'.

Can I change my username on Bloxempire?

Username changes aren't currently supported. Your display name from the initial register becomes your username on our site permanently. For changes, contact support.

Does Bloxempire have a referral program?

Yes, invite friends and earn rewards. See our affiliates page for more details.

How do I contact customer support?

Reach out via Live Chat, our Discord server, or email us at [email protected].

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